The Benefits of Using a RaceGators Transmission

Free Up Horsepower
Every racer knows that any excess weight or drag on the drivetrain robs horsepower from the rear wheels and ultimately means less speed and acceleration. The RaceGators Transmission uses an idler-style reverse gear that is only spinning when engaged, thereby freeing up rotating weight and drag, giving the racer more useable power.

Simple Yet Strong
Internally, the hardened steel countershaft of the RaceGators Transmission is supported by specially selected needle bearings to maximize strength under load. Despite such high engineering standards, the internal components are simple enough for a racer to rebuild on a shop workbench with no special mockups or setups required. The transmission is suitable for use with engines producing over 850 horsepower… now that’s some strength!

Consistent Parts
High-quality CNC machined parts are the only replacement parts available for the RaceGators Transmissions, meaning that there should never be a need to machine or otherwise “massage” parts into fitting properly. Users will have no worries if replacing a part as to its fit and functionality.

Use Regular Tools
Sick of needing special tools to complete a transmission rebuild? No more! The RaceGators Transmission uses standard tools found in most race shops, such as snap ring pliers and Allen wrenches. Press-in bearings that require special equipment to install are eliminated in this transmission, saving the user time and money.

Shifting Ease
Quick and precise shifts are a key benefit of the RaceGators Transmission. There are no teeth to engage between gears, only a dog ring, which makes shifting smoother and quicker.

Easy-Access Side Cover
Access to the internal clutch is easier than ever through the easy-access side cover. Removing the side cover provides the user with easy access to the clutch for rebuild without causing the shifting mechanism to be rebuilt. All of the shifting mechanism’s parts are built into the cover and can be rebuilt separately of the clutch.

Fewer Part Failures
The RaceGators Transmission helps racers to worry more about racing and less about parts failures. Using precision-cut CNC internal parts and high-quality case castings designed for racing eliminates the need for welded parts that can fail under the severe conditions present in motorsports of all types. Furthermore, every gear, shaft and moving part inside a RaceGators Transmission is heat treated with teh latest in thermal treatment technology to help ensure strength, increased durability and peace of mind for the racer.

Ease of Service
The internal clutch piston and related pins/housing can be serviced without opening the transmission itself. User-accessible grease zerks and readily-available seals also assist racers with saving time, money and their sanity.

Lightweight & Compact
Weight and space are the two enemies of every racer; parts are always too heavy and too big, or so it seems. The RaceGators Transmission has taken a step towards reducing that ever-present problem. The all-aluminum housing is designed for maximum strength and durability along with ample weight savings. The transmission weighs only 51.4 lbs. without fluid, saving weight that can easily be moved around the car for better handling. The transmission is only 11″ wide at its widest point and less than 10″ tall. From the tip of the input shaft to the tip of the output shaft is only 28.5″, making this top-notch piece of racing equipment compatible with driveshafts and cars designed around Borg-Warner, Muncie and Saginaw transmissions.